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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jennifer Corbin who was born in Kentucky on January 25, 1971 and was sadly and cowardly murdered domestically on December 04, 2004 at the age of 33. We will remember her forever and embrace the legacy of her two beautiful boys left behind in this tragedy.  No words can descibe the loss of our beautiful Jenn.  Each day brings a new terrible pain in that she is not here to share it with us. Each day is hard to imagine that she is really gone from us.

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Tributes and Condolences
Im happy I finally registered   / Lawerence Maes
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Still thinking of your daughter and mother   / Lisa Grady (None)
So sorry that your beautiful daughter met such a tragic death at the hands of someone she trusted. I just read the book by Ann Rule and always make sure that I look at the victims photos before I start to read any True Crime novel so that I keep the...  Continue >>
Beautiful  / Teresa Gugliotta (None)
Warm heartfelt sympathies to Jennifer's family. I'm just a fellow human in this life as we know it, from California. After my dad died in 1995, I became closer to God & true crime stories. Today, I found myself at the end of a book about Jennifer'...  Continue >>
Thoughts and prayers   / Kelly Chacon (None)
You are such a beautiful and strong family! Your courage and strength to bring Bart down is something so touching and Jennifer is lucky to have had such an amazing family. You will all forever be in my prayers and I am one who will also always take ...  Continue >>
Jenn is still shining her light far and wide   / Louise Phillips
I, like many other who have written here, have just read Ann Rules Too Late To Say Goodbye. Through Ann's writing I felt that I came understand to what very special people Jenn and Dolly were and how tragic was their loss. Here in Lanzarote, Sp...  Continue >>
Condolensces / Tommy (read ann rules too late to say goodbye )    Read >>
:( / LaDawn Maness (none)    Read >>
Sad ..  / Krysta Wilkinson     Read >>
Prayers to Jennifer's Family  / Jean Frank (None)    Read >>
OMG / Bonnie Sweeting (none)    Read >>
Words / Mary Bears (none)    Read >>
so sad  / Moereeda Isaacs (not related )    Read >>
Condolence / Alicia Curiel (none)    Read >>
Such a sad story  / Theresa Bianchi (none)    Read >>
God bless your family  / Nancy Wirick (none)    Read >>
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