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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jennifer Corbin who was born in Kentucky on January 25, 1971 and was sadly and cowardly murdered domestically on December 04, 2004 at the age of 33. We will remember her forever and embrace the legacy of her two beautiful boys left behind in this tragedy.  No words can descibe the loss of our beautiful Jenn.  Each day brings a new terrible pain in that she is not here to share it with us. Each day is hard to imagine that she is really gone from us.

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Tributes and Condolences
Condolensces  / Tommy (read ann rules too late to say goodbye )
I hope all is well my prayers and love go put to the familly and all affected by this tragedy.
:(  / LaDawn Maness (none)
Just read the book by Ann Rule. Jenn sounded like an amazing woman and her pictures....her smile was very radiant! I will keep her boys and family in my prayers.
Sad ..   / Krysta Wilkinson
I just finished reading the book Too Late To Say Goodbye and I cant believe such a loving and caring person like Jenn could ever be taken away from this world so early in life. My heart goes out to her boys and her family.
Prayers to Jennifer's Family   / Jean Frank (None)
I am also reading Ann Rule's book and my heart aches that Jennifer is gone due to a very selfish person. I hope he never gets out of prison. May God surround Jennifer's boys with much love through her family. Jennifer will not be forgotten. ~ A s...  Continue >>
OMG  / Bonnie Sweeting (none)
I am just reading Anne Rule's book 'Too LateTo Say Goodbye'. I can not fathom being in a marriage like hers! And, I can not come up with the words to express the words to tell you I am sooo sorry for what your family has gone through. I pray that Je...  Continue >>
Words / Mary Bears (none)    Read >>
so sad  / Moereeda Isaacs (not related )    Read >>
Condolence / Alicia Curiel (none)    Read >>
Such a sad story  / Theresa Bianchi (none)    Read >>
God bless your family  / Nancy Wirick (none)    Read >>
Best Friend  / Michael Norris (Friend)    Read >>
great loss to many  / Robert Robinson (none)    Read >>
thoughts and prayers  / Stacy Breeher (none)    Read >>
so sorry for your loss  / Melissa Morgan (none)    Read >>
my condolences  / Kellie Ramey     Read >>
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