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Aterr#34 Aterr24OZ lit a candle on 09/20/2017: "Изготовлениесветодио-дных электронных табло, бегущих строк, табло для АЗС"
Runda Jones lit a candle on 09/13/2017: "R.I.H."
Ander#64 Ander27VY lit a candle on 09/06/2017: "Изготовлениесветодио-дных табло валют, бегущих строк, табло для АЗС"
Mary Callozzo lit a candle on 08/23/2017: "May her memory be eternal!"
Amanda Waber lit a candle on 07/04/2017: "Hi, i read the story of your beautiful sister and think it is amazing that you have done so much ib her memory!"
Vaughn Walters lit a candle on 05/13/2017: "It's 😭 sad. I'm so sorry for your loss , Thankfully he's in jail."
Lori (Raper) Josey lit a candle on 12/25/2016: "Remembering my friend on this Christmas day. Dalton & my son Brant were friends in preschool. God bless her family."
Dawsonville GA lit a candle on 12/22/2016: "I pray for the family- My heart aches for the loss but know God and Jennifer are watching over all of you."
Vickie Mick lit a candle on 12/19/2016: "A sad and tragic death of a wonderful and loving mother. But her boys are being raised by her wonderful family."
Linda Rogers lit a candle on 10/27/2016: "May there always be the flying of white doves"
Kellie Scollen lit a candle on 10/18/2016: "Just watched Jennifer's true story film on UK TV - so sorry for your loss x sending love to your family & Jenn's sons xx"
Rita lit a candle on 07/28/2016: "I heard about her story on the Italian TV.It was so sad.No one should ever be deceived by a loved one.God bless!"
Rebecca B. lit a candle on 03/16/2016: "God bless the Barber and Tierney families."
Teresa Gugliotta lit a candle on 02/19/2016: "Just now reading Jennifer's story. Saddens my heart, not only for her, but her kids and family. I have a sister as well."
Nikki Pease lit a candle on 02/08/2016: "I just finished this book. Unspeakable crime. God bless her soul."
Mary Beth Simpkins lit a candle on 01/30/2016: "God bless and keep you all"
Vesna Bilic lit a candle on 01/13/2016: "My thoughts and prayers for the family and especially Jennifers sons. I've just seen the film on UK TV."
Pia Eklund lit a candle on 12/10/2015: "Read the book.. A tragedy beyond words. My heart cries out to the family. May you stay strong. <3"
Kay lit a candle on 11/30/2015: "GOD watch over your family and peace be with them all"
Yordis Pelaez lit a candle on 10/18/2015: "I'm so sad jennifer; i'm from colombia and is very stressful know that your husband was the killer you."
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