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Heather C. lit a candle on 03/14/2013: "*happy thoughts* every day I am thankful this didn't happen to me much love to you"
Theresa Harmon lit a candle on 03/11/2013: "I just read Ann Rule's book and wanted to share my heartfelt sympathies for you, Jenn's precious sons and tpyour family"
Isabell Awuor lit a candle on 01/26/2013: "R.I.P Jenn. I'm reading the Ann Rule book while at a domestic violence shelter.Am so sad abt your story."
Sarah Gunther lit a candle on 01/23/2013: "I've lit a candle for her here in Ireland. So saddened by this needless loss of life :("
Liz Shade lit a candle on 01/09/2013: "Reading book and so saddened at this poor lady's life with her spouse."
Rachael Damico lit a candle on 01/06/2013: "As a victim and survivor of domestic violence at the hands of spouse, I know the HELL Jenn went through. God Bless!"
Jane Quick lit a candle on 12/17/2012: "May god bless, you and youre family. Just finished reading, "Too late to say good bye."
Sabrina Hewick lit a candle on 12/16/2012: "Hope you are at peace,prayers to your family.Just finished"To late to say Goodbye".feel like I knew you fro the book."
Rochelle Shields lit a candle on 12/08/2012: "God bless one of God's Angel's."
Louise Tremblay lit a candle on 12/05/2012: "Just finished "too late to say goodbye" and will make Jenn's squash soup. RIP..."
Jenifer LaPine lit a candle on 12/04/2012: "We remember, prayers for Jennifer's entire family but especially for her boys."
Rebecca Brown lit a candle on 12/04/2012: "It's been 8 years today. I know the heart doesn't forget, but I hope your hearts have healed."
Hope Topper lit a candle on 11/28/2012: "Jenn's like a beautiful & strong rainbow. She lights up everyone's lives & complete strangers. Peace, prayers & love."
Amanda Poulson lit a candle on 10/30/2012: "My prayers go out to your Family I am So very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you all God bless you"
Kay Sweet lit a candle on 10/28/2012: "I just finished reading the book about Jenn. I am so sorry for your family's lost. God bless your family."
Elizabeth Atwood lit a candle on 10/23/2012: "My prayers go out to the family of Jennifer. Always thinking of you guys."
Rodriguez Marby lit a candle on 10/23/2012: "Just finished reading Ann Rule's book. Your family is in my prayers. God bless you & Jen's precious boys."
Sherrie Cole lit a candle on 10/21/2012: "I just finished reading the book about your lovely Jennifer. I pray for your family."
Lisa Moss lit a candle on 10/19/2012: "so sorry i wish that this never happened to such a great daughter sister in peace"
Barbara Watson lit a candle on 10/12/2012: "May her family find peace. And may her killer never walk the streets again."
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