Jennifer Corbin
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Im happy I finally registered  / Lawerence Maes   Read >>
Im happy I finally registered  / Lawerence Maes
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Still thinking of your daughter and mother  / Lisa Grady (None)  Read >>
Still thinking of your daughter and mother  / Lisa Grady (None)
So sorry that your beautiful daughter met such a tragic death at the hands of someone she trusted. I just read the book by Ann Rule and always make sure that I look at the victims photos before I start to read any True Crime novel so that I keep them in my mind the entire time I’m reading. I hope that the boys lives have been lessee and bettter than they started. God Bless your entire family!! Close
Beautiful / Teresa Gugliotta (None)  Read >>
Beautiful / Teresa Gugliotta (None)
Warm heartfelt sympathies to Jennifer's family. I'm just a fellow human in this life as we know it, from California. After my dad died in 1995, I became closer to God & true crime stories. Today, I found myself at the end of a book about Jennifer's story & my heart drew me to this website. In reading about your sister, my heart longed for mine & I couldn't get over how Beautiful this memorial is. I feel for you & have placed you all in my prayers, yet cannot even begin to imagine how you all feel. I'm sorry for your loss and want you to know that this Easter season, when I fill my house with Tulips, I'll do so in honour & memory of Jennifer. Close
Thoughts and prayers  / Kelly Chacon (None)  Read >>
Thoughts and prayers  / Kelly Chacon (None)
You are such a beautiful and strong family! Your courage and strength to bring Bart down is something so touching and Jennifer is lucky to have had such an amazing family. You will all forever be in my prayers and I am one who will also always take the time to write to the courts denying any type of parol for the coward that likes to call himself Dr Corbin! Love, Kel Close
Jenn is still shining her light far and wide  / Louise Phillips   Read >>
Jenn is still shining her light far and wide  / Louise Phillips
I, like many other who have written here, have just read Ann Rules Too Late To Say Goodbye. Through Ann's writing I felt that I came understand to what very special people Jenn and Dolly were and how tragic was their loss. Here in Lanzarote, Spain, I will light two candles in Jenn and Dolly's memories. I am so sorry for your loss and I pray that you and your family may find peace and healing. Close
Condolensces / Tommy (read ann rules too late to say goodbye )  Read >>
Condolensces / Tommy (read ann rules too late to say goodbye )
I hope all is well my prayers and love go put to the familly and all affected by this tragedy. Close
:( / LaDawn Maness (none)  Read >>
:( / LaDawn Maness (none)
Just read the book by Ann Rule. Jenn sounded like an amazing woman and her pictures....her smile was very radiant! I will keep her boys and family in my prayers. Close
Sad ..  / Krysta Wilkinson   Read >>
Sad ..  / Krysta Wilkinson
I just finished reading the book Too Late To Say Goodbye and I cant believe such a loving and caring person like Jenn could ever be taken away from this world so early in life. My heart goes out to her boys and her family. Close
Prayers to Jennifer's Family  / Jean Frank (None)  Read >>
Prayers to Jennifer's Family  / Jean Frank (None)

I am also reading Ann Rule's book and my heart aches that Jennifer is gone due to a very selfish person. I hope he never gets out of prison.

May God surround Jennifer's boys with much love through her family.

Jennifer will not be forgotten.

~ A sister in Christ

OMG / Bonnie Sweeting (none)  Read >>
OMG / Bonnie Sweeting (none)
I am just reading Anne Rule's book 'Too LateTo Say Goodbye'. I can not fathom being in a marriage like hers! And, I can not come up with the words to express the words to tell you I am sooo sorry for what your family has gone through. I pray that Jenn was sleeping. And, I haven't got to the part about the trial, but I fervently hope that the murderer was sentenced to either death or at the very least with no chance of parole! In my opinion He has no conscience! Close
Words / Mary Bears (none)  Read >>
Words / Mary Bears (none)
What can be said that could possibly offer any comfort of such a lovely person......I am speechless at Jenn's and your loss. And I mention Jenn's loss because first and foremost it was she who lost the most. My heart is with you in your loss...Hugs to all Close
so sad  / Moereeda Isaacs (not related )  Read >>
so sad  / Moereeda Isaacs (not related )
I watched movie from this whole tragic story I just felt frustrated over this bart corbin! His really horrible hope the family and kids of jenifer is ok :( but may bart corbin rot in prison Close
Condolence / Alicia Curiel (none)  Read >>
Condolence / Alicia Curiel (none)
N onI just finished reading Ann Rule's book detailing the tragic and senseless murder of your beloved mother, daughter, sister. Her story touched me in many ways. I am truly sorry for your family's heartbreak and for the loss of her children's most precious mother. I can only express my true belief that she is with our Lord and Savior in a much better place. She can now watch over her children in peace knowing that with her tragic passing she has saved them from a life of torment that was their father. My prayers will forever include her and your family. Close
Such a sad story  / Theresa Bianchi (none)  Read >>
Such a sad story  / Theresa Bianchi (none)
Bless you Heather for being such a wonderful sister to Jen and taking care of her two boys as if they were you own.  My heart goes out to your family.  Take good care. Close
God bless your family  / Nancy Wirick (none)  Read >>
God bless your family  / Nancy Wirick (none)

I just read Ann Rule's book about what happened to Jenn.  My heart cries for you.  I can't begin to imagine what your family has been through. It seems so unreal.  God bless you, Heather & Doug for being there for the boys.   With heartfelt love,   Nancy


Best Friend  / Michael Norris (Friend)  Read >>
Best Friend  / Michael Norris (Friend)
I miss jen so much,she was someone i will always hold close to my heart.She was caring,fun to hangout with and just someone i could be real with.Jen you was a awesome friend and will always be. love you God bless Close
great loss to many  / Robert Robinson (none)  Read >>
great loss to many  / Robert Robinson (none)
I'sure Jenn was a great woman caught in love and war!From what I've read and seen (tv),I would have made sure she was HAPPY !!!! If only I were that fortunate !!! Close
thoughts and prayers  / Stacy Breeher (none)  Read >>
thoughts and prayers  / Stacy Breeher (none)
I have watched the movie based on your sister and i am a true story movie junkie call me weird, i also look things up to see if any updated or to see how the family is doing, was very happy to see that Jenn's sister has adopted her boys, also i didnt notice that the Marion Barnes person if that character was real or not ( knowing sometimes the movie gurus add things to enhance things to the movies) was from st.louis,mo because thats where i live at.. i wish the boys a very blessed life and her sisters and parents much joy with all, I believe Bart should have gotten the death penalty but i understood what the family was thinking God Bless you all Close
so sorry for your loss  / Melissa Morgan (none)  Read >>
so sorry for your loss  / Melissa Morgan (none)
I just watched the movie about your daughter Jennifer, twice actually as it was on lifetime back to back with another film so I watched them both on and off while working here at my table in front of my couch and I see the joy of life in Jenn's face and her spirit, when she smiled, she smiled with her whole heart and her eyes and such a kind soul is so apparent, and I can't imagine, nor will I even allow myself to, I'm sorry. I just can't. I wish I could do something to bring her back to you, I wish there was a way. But I will tell you this, I will do anything I have power to, in order to make sure the coward, pig and true less than an empty void of a man, not even human, with the coldest of hearts,..that he is, never, ever, ever, sees the light of day.
I found something interesting and it gave me hope within this amazing Universe... the last name of the woman that called herself Chris. Her last name was Hearn, that is so not an everyday name, and I don't know, it just said something to me, like, it was her time. That her death, in some way, was able to bring closure to another family. That her job and goal, bringing those boys into this World, and keeping it lit with that zest, joy and love of life so apparent, was sadly not to able to stay lit here in body on Earth, but I don't believe in death. I do believe in states of consciousness, and at this time I believe, depending upon the age of the soul, their purpose in this life..... For me, Hearn was a sign that this was the reason, for you, the family. To say, Hey guys, don't be sad for me. Corbin was taken of the streets and without my death, Dolly's never would have been solved, or worse, more women would have died. And I do believe he killed that older woman who disappeared while he was working with her. Absolutely. I don't for one moment believe in coincidences, and I have very good reason for that. I know, each of us, though loss is for me, the hardest part of living, losing those we love, even with that? I still know, that as my best friend Deanna said to me and does from time to time, It's not for us to know why someone comes into our lives and whether it is for a moment a second, a year or a lifetime. They are there for a specific reason, and whatever it is is usually revealed to us then or in time if we're really listening, really looking. And I know, I believe with my whole heart and soul, that the name thing, proves she is watching over you all now, especially those boys. Light a candle for her, because she is there. God Bless you all. Close
my condolences  / Kellie Ramey   Read >>
my condolences  / Kellie Ramey
I'm so very sorry you and your family and jennifer's boys had to go through what ya'll did with the death of your beloved sister daughter and mother. For what that sicko done he deserves what he got i hope he gets more in prison from the people in there. But i send my condolences to all of ya'll. Kellie Ramey Close
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