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thinking of you  / Sophia Dimario (no relation )  Read >>
thinking of you  / Sophia Dimario (no relation )
I just finished reading the book.   Words cannot express the sympathy I feel for all of you.  I pray a higher power will give you the strenghth to go on with your lives and give Jen's boys all the love she would have.  It's unthinkable that the people we trust and love can be so evil.  The spineless, useless waste of scum (not even worth mentioning his name) will have his real day coming soon.  Because as far as I'm concerned, for him being in jail, is not punishment enough.  He still gets to breath and walk around and probably still trying to delude everyone about his actions.  It makes me so angry, he can even exist!    I'm sorry, if this sounds cruel, after reading the book, I feel as if I know you.  Please take good care of yourselves and those beautiful boys and love one another with everything you have.  I don't think anything would make Jen happier. Close
Many Blessings from South Dakota  / Amy S. Petrik (N/A)  Read >>
Many Blessings from South Dakota  / Amy S. Petrik (N/A)
I just finished reading TOO LATE TO SAY GOODBYE by Ann Rule. My heart is sad for Jennifer and Dolly. And their families and friends. If only the detectives would have dug deeper in Dolly's passing then Jennifer would never have had the opportunity to meet murderous Barton Thomas Corbin. And she'd still be with us. Am glad to know both cities worked together and brought the case to court. I've met men like Bart in my own life and am grateful I know the signs now to stay away from them. Wishing nothing but peaceful thoughts and a life of happiness for Dalton and Dillon as well as everyone else involved in the case. Peace always. Close
sadness... / Liz Morrison (none)  Read >>
sadness... / Liz Morrison (none)
i also just read Ann Rules book and felt such such grief  for someone i have never met.  Jenn and her boys will always be in my thoughts.
Thank God for family like yours who can continue to love those boys with the same love as their mother. Close
I will keep all of you in my prayers ~  / Linda Reznik   Read >>
I will keep all of you in my prayers ~  / Linda Reznik
I just finished reading Anne Rule's book and am very sad for all of you - what a beautiful daughter, sister, and mother Jennifer was ~
Condolences / Ron West (none)  Read >>
Condolences / Ron West (none)
I am a Ga. native who has resided in San Diego, California for years. I have many relatives in your area of Georgia and I try to keep up with Ga. news and sports. I have also been a huge Ann Rule fan as I,too am a cop.

I just finished reading Ann Rule's book and I have to say your family has had to endure such a tragedy. I can't even imagine what you and your family has gone through. I would like to say, however, how much my wife and I admire how you and your husband have taken on Jenn's kids as though they were your own. You and your husband are the type of people I remember growing up around in my early years in Ga.

Good luck in your endeavors to come. Your family will now be a part of my family's thoughts.

Ron West
San Diego, Ca. Close
Too Late To Say Goodbye  / Erin Murphy   Read >>
Too Late To Say Goodbye  / Erin Murphy
I was compelled to visit this website after completing the heartwrenching story of Jenn's life and tragic ending. I feel as if I know each one of you, family and friends, and cannot tell you how helpful Jenn's spirit is to women who have suffered from and endured abusive relationships, always thinking there is a way to smooth out the bitterness and make peace with abusers. Jenn has left an imprint in my heart and I will always remember her as a champion for abused women.  My prayers and warmest wishes are sent to each of you as we enter 2008.  I understand how difficult this time of year will always be.  Close
Tragedy / Karen Snowdon (none)  Read >>
Tragedy / Karen Snowdon (none)

I read Ann Rule's book on this tragedy.... and it is with such a heavy heart that I am writing to offer my condolences.  I said a prayer for your family and for Jenn's two sons.  It is not easy reading something like this and realizing that it really happened and it is not the usual fiction of novels.  I cried a lot while reading about it... and I put myself in all the different characters... and I don't know how else to describe how I feel.... except that it is so heartbreaking. 

~ Jennifer was an Angel from Heaven given to you ~  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom/Joe Rhodes's Wife (visitor)  Read >>
~ Jennifer was an Angel from Heaven given to you ~  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom/Joe Rhodes's Wife (visitor)

In All Things Give Thanks  / Molly Olson   Read >>
In All Things Give Thanks  / Molly Olson

God says he will never put anything on us that we can't handle.  Sometimes, it doesn't seem "fair", but -- let me tell you this.  Jenn's life touched the lives of people she knew, and ones that she didn't know.  Heather, yours and Doug's ability and courage to raise two more children whom you also love, serves to witness to people all over that LOVE is what God is all about. We have a wonderful God, that in his infinate wisdom,
chose you and your husband to raise your sister's boys.  Thank you for allowing God to use you to show us that God truly is LOVE.  May your family be blessed beyond reason!

Truly saddened  / Ellen Clark (none)  Read >>
Truly saddened  / Ellen Clark (none)
Hi.  I have just finished reading Ann Rule's book and I am truly saddened about the monstrosity of your loss.  Jenn seemed like the type of woman I would have been friends with.  Her death was cruel and senseless.  I am very sorry for all that you have endured.  My heart goes out to you all in the Barber family.  Sincerely, Ellen Clark, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Close
Our prayers go out to you . . .  / Shea Lukins (Read about her )  Read >>
Our prayers go out to you . . .  / Shea Lukins (Read about her )
Dear Barber Family,

I realize Christmas must be a hard time for your family after the loss of Jennifer. Our family sends its prayers and best wishes to all of you during this holiday season.

I'm sure that each year becomes easier, yet that feeling of loss will always be there when it is realized that Jenn's place is empty.

Hug Dillon and Dalton tight. Remind them of the beauty and love of their mother. Teach them to cherish this holiday for the birth of Christ, as His blood shed over us to wash us clean and grant us - and their mother Jennifer - everlasting life. Teach them the true joy of this holiday, so that their minds might be less full of the loss they suffered that Christmas not-so-long ago.

Hold onto each other, and cherish your family.

Happy Holidays and much love and blessings to you.

The Lukins Family
Merry Christmas  / Wendy Bresee (No realtion )  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Wendy Bresee (No realtion )

Jennifer I hope that you have a Wonderful Christmas in spirit with your family.  My daughter is the same age as your son was when you passed.  

I know how confused you must have been at first when you passed.  I feel that your family and loved ones have helped your crossing beautiful.  I hope that when it is my time to go my family is open and loving as yours.  I feel that even when you passed that you where more concerned about how they would feel instead of yourself...

Your have a nack for writting that shines through to your son.  There is beauty in everything that you have touched that blooms like a flower still today.  

Days and hours pass with no loss of time for you.  You are learning and enjoying every moment of seeing your children and sister grow in struggles.  

You are a protector from above.  Close
Dear God  / Mike Adams (None)  Read >>
Dear God  / Mike Adams (None)
... why are monsters like Bart allowed to walk on this earth and angels like Jenn taken from her family, friends, and a society that needs more people like her? Maybe someday we will come to understand these things but for now that understanding eludes most of us. At least this angel known as Jenn left her loved ones with two beautiful children and sweet memories of her life.

We lost a very close friend, also a beautiful mother of two, to a senseless one car rollover a few years ago. We will never forget that sudden pain of loss as she was torn from our lives. This experience is somewhat like Jenn's loved ones have gone through and it gives us great empathy for all of you. We ask that God give you some peace and happiness in your lives. We think Jenn would want you to be happy. Close
To the family  / Lisa Hanson (none)  Read >>
To the family  / Lisa Hanson (none)
Hi, you don't know me, but I am currently reading Ann Rule's book about Jenn. First I am so sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful life taken too soon. I can all too well relate with Jenn and being in a stuck spot with a man, not knowing how I am going to leave and make it on my own. It is a terrible place to be in. I have been in it more than once and am in it now.
   Sometimes life does not make sense. But for whatever reason, God wanted to take Jenn home to be with him, and I hope you can rest easier knowing she is in a better place.
  I thank God that the man who shot her is behind bars and that is where he needs to stay for the rest of his life because he is a very dangerous and sick man. I hope he gets raped and beaten in prison. (sorry I am not a mean person but that is how I feel)  Either way, he will have to stand before God someday and answer for what he has done, and I would not want to be him at that time.   
   My thoughts and prayers are with you, and especially for her little boys. They have been robbed of a life with a wonderful mom and that is so sad. Thankfully, Jenn's sister Heather (and her husband) will love and raise the boys in a safe and loving home. Close
Sisters / LouAnn Bollinger (None)  Read >>
Sisters / LouAnn Bollinger (None)
Hi Heather,  I just wanted to say how very touched I am by the love and caring in your family.  I get overwhelmed to think how it would be to lose my sister as you did or to be murdered by someone who was supposed to love you and my son left behind to try and live a normal life.  It's honestly too much to dwell on.  

I think of how you are raising your nephews and smile.  A while back I asked my son who he would want to live with if something ever happened to me and he promptly said my sister Lisa.  When I asked why he said it was because she was the most like me and he would feel closer to me by being with her.  That statement made me both sad and happy.  I think that's very much how your nephew's feel about you.  Through you their mother's love is alive.  Just your presence brings them wonderful memories of times spent together with you and their mom.  

It's awful to think of my son hurting for my loss but should that ever happen I know my sister will love my son unconditionally just as you love your nephews.  

There will always be a place in my heart and in my prayers for your family.  Peace and goodwill to you all and may your angel in heaven watch over you all.  

Merry Christmas, 
LouAnn Close
Tribute / Sherry Nielson   Read >>
Tribute / Sherry Nielson
I just finished reading Ann Rules book and something really stood out. What beautiful boys she had. The courage and love that was shown by Dalton leading up to his mother's death, wanting to be near her and look out for her, and the steadfast love and courage he showed after her passing, and his and Dillon's loyalty, made me realize, being a mom as well, what a wonderful mother Jenn was and always will be.  As their major care-giver, the wonderful, loving job she did of raising her 2 boys in the early years of their lives will never end. They were very brave, courageous little boys, and Dalton, your bravery and dedication to your mom, in what must have been a very hard situation, made my heart warm.
God Bless. Close
About Jenn  / Jennifer McLain (none)  Read >>
About Jenn  / Jennifer McLain (none)
I would like to express how saddened I was when Jennifer died.  I worked at the Publix on Friendship Road for years, and met Jenn on many occations.  She really was just as she's decribed in the book by Ann Rule.  She always had on a smile, and always had a kind, positive word to say.  When she came in with the boys, her smile was bigger, and brighter than imagineable.  I remember when my co-workers and myself heard about her death, and that suicide was thought to be the cause.  Even without knowing her as more than a passer by, we all knew that she would never leave her kids, and prayed for the day justice would be seen.  I truly am sorry about the loss to the family, and my heart still breaks for the boys.  I wish you all the very best.  Close
My Condolences  / Ernie Trujillo, Jr (None)  Read >>
My Condolences  / Ernie Trujillo, Jr (None)
I just finished Ann Rule's book and what a tragedy re: both Jenn and "Dolly." I don't feel that that the investigators did their job properly the first time around in thoroughly investigating Dolly's "suicide."  The word suicide in this case never should never have been even brought up. It was clearly murder. The investigator asking Bart the questions did not ask him good, penetrating questions. 

I also found it odd that Bart's sentence could possibly allow him to eventually get out of prison. He should never be allowed out of prison and we should all do everything that we can do to ensure that he is never allowed to enjoy any of his remaining life outside prison. 

In closing, I would like to offer my deepest condolences to all the friends and families of both Dolly and Jenn.  I didn't know either of them but Ann's book brought tears to my eyes. Close
Touched by your story  / Odina Skovgaard (Read Anne Rule's book )  Read >>
Touched by your story  / Odina Skovgaard (Read Anne Rule's book )
Hi Heather,

I was so touched by the story of your sister that I felt compelled to write. I cannot begin to understand what it is like to be in your shoes; or to imagine the terror and pain that your family must have suffered. But I wanted to let you know that I admire your strength and tenacity for keeping your head up high and taking care of your sister's boys.
Jenn sounds like a beautiful person and you are so lucky to have had her in your lives for as long as you did. At the same time, it sounds to me like Jenn could not have asked for a more supportive family and sister.

Thank you for sharing your story and letting Anne Rule (my favorite author in the whole world!) portray it - trust me, nobody could have done it better.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Odina Skovgaard
Vancouver, BC
Canada Close
For the family  / Cindy   Read >>
For the family  / Cindy
I just want to offer my condolences to your entire family for this horrible thing that you have had to go through. I live in Lawrenceville and the first time I heard about Dolly Hearn after Jennifer was murdered, I felt in my heart that evil person was guilty. 

How dare he think it was his right to take the lives of those two human beings and also in the process forever change the lives of their loved ones. I know we are not suppose take pleasure when bad things happen to others but I was so pleased the day he was arrested. He should never have one day of freedom for the rest of his rotten life. 

Our family has also had someone we loved murdered and it changes you forever. I don't wish that on any good person. I only hope that your family can heal and I wish you all the best. Close
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