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So very sorry  / Lindsey Reese   Read >>
So very sorry  / Lindsey Reese
I just finished reading a book about your tragedy - don't usually read such sad stuff but I live in Atlanta and remember this well - Anyway, wanted to say your family will be in my prayers and I was especially moved to read about the rainbow in the sky after Jennifer's service. I hope the boys are doing as well as possible. I am so glad they have such a good family to take them in. Love and prayers to you all. Close
I'm so sorry  / Stephanie (none)  Read >>
I'm so sorry  / Stephanie (none)
I'm so sorry for your loss.  I just read the book because I like the investigation aspect of these stories.  Because of the children, this is the hardest one I've ever read.  God bless you, your family, and most especially, the boys. Close
So Sorry  / Julie Adamson (Local Gwinnett resident )  Read >>
So Sorry  / Julie Adamson (Local Gwinnett resident )
I followed the story closely as I was good friends with the builder of Jennifer's home in Bogan gates and knew a few of her neighbors in the subd.  I read the book "Too late to say goodbye" when it was released.  The tv movie just played again on LMN network.  I am the Mother of 2 wonderful children and I am the same age a Jenn.  I just want to say how sorry I am for your family and hope that her sweet buys are doing well.  I know that eveyday you miss her terribly and I sincerley hope that Bart rots in H*ll for what he did to both of those beautiful women.  It brought tears again watching the movie. You all were robbed of a great Daughter Sister Mother and friend.  Sorry for your loss. Bless you all.  Close
Prayers and Hopes  / Angela   Read >>
Prayers and Hopes  / Angela

Hello Heather my name is Angela.  I recently have been reading "Too Late to Say Goodbye" and I just wanted to express my condolences.  I am only a 25yr old married mother of 2 and I know I do not know you but by reading this book it seems as if I do.  You and Jenn seemed to have a friendship that only few come by in a lifetime.  You are a remarkable woman and Jenn will forever be an Angel watching over her boys you and your family.  My Aunt recently lost her niece a mother of 3 boys.  She was murdered by her husband as well.  I do not know exatly what you went through but I seen what it all did to my aunts brother and family.  The 16th of Juli we are supposed to have the first family get together since her death a few short months ago.  I only hope we can all come together and be as strong as your family has been.  Bad things happen to great people and all we can do is lift our hands and faith up to god and know that he will carry us through.  I hope and pray that you and your family can live the rest of your lives in peace. 



A Prayer  / BJ Stang   Read >>
A Prayer  / BJ Stang

Dear Heather

I have just finished listening to the book “To Late to Say Goodbye" by Ann Rule. I admire you for taking in Dalton and Dillon and raising as your own. Mei God bless you and your husband for opening your arms for the 'orphaned kids'. I pray that God would protect all four children (yours and Jennifer's) and they would grow up to be caring human beings.

Mei God bless you and keep you safe!


Heartfelt condolences  / Rebecca Brown (none)  Read >>
Heartfelt condolences  / Rebecca Brown (none)
I've watched all the news shows and read 2 books about Jennifer. I found her "Find-a-Grave" ( page and have been trying to sign several times per week. My heart aches for Jennifer's family and children. I hope Bart rots in prison. Close
Just read the book "The Dr.'s wife"  / Christie Jessee (none)  Read >>
Just read the book "The Dr.'s wife"  / Christie Jessee (none)
Hi Heather. I just finished the book about Dolly & your sister Jennifer. It was heart breaking to read what your family as well as the Hearn's went through. I wondering & hoping that you still have Dalton & Dillon. God Bless you all Christie Jessee Close
rip jenn our beautiful angel  / William West (friend)  Read >>
rip jenn our beautiful angel  / William West (friend)
may god bless and be with the barber family may he wrap his loving arms around you and keep you safe and secure my thoughts and prayers are with you heather and doug and the children jenn is in heaven watching over you and will keep you safe keep the faith and remember all the great times jenn shared with you take care and be stong for jenn Close
Sorry. / Stephanie Bowman   Read >>
Sorry. / Stephanie Bowman
I lost my sister almost three years ago. She was 27. She was not murdered even though for ten months we thought she had been. It was very suspisious. I was only 16 at the time. My sister left behind 3 children who were very young. We now have a one weekend a month visitation. After a long court battle. I feel for you and I know you are still hurting. Close
So sorry  / S. C. (none)  Read >>
So sorry  / S. C. (none)
I am so sorry for this tragedy.  I just finished reading the book because a very similar incident has happened in my own family.  Some of the similarties were almost unbelievable.  At times I thought I was reading about my own family.  I feel your pain even though I did not know Jenn personally. Mei God give you all peace.  Continue to lean on him for support.  Close
gone to soon.  / Erin Reedy (none)  Read >>
gone to soon.  / Erin Reedy (none)
I know this happened a while ago but i am still sad for jenn barber's family. i can't believe that someone could take her away from her children and everyone else in her family. she had a full life ahead of her but then it got taken away from her too soon. i feel so sorry for her children who have to go the rest of their lives without her. and their children one day will never get to know their grandmother. that's because their grandfather bart corbin had to take her away from her family Close
Condolences To Jenn's Family & Friends  / Paul Dempster (Saddened Onlooker )  Read >>
Condolences To Jenn's Family & Friends  / Paul Dempster (Saddened Onlooker )

First I'd like to give my heartfelt condolences to the Barber Family and to Jenn's friends.  It is always a terrible waste when people of Jenn's calibre are taken from this earth.  She obviously made a great positive impact on those she knew if only too briefly and it would have been as it always is with such people a joy to have been in her circle of friends.


Her husband's actions with both Jenn and Dolly Hearn are those of a typical psychopath.  They have no empathy towards people are expert liars and manipulators compulsive liars narcissists and care for nobody but themselves.  Theirs is a world without ethical boundaries where the end justifies the means.  All they are interested in is what they can get from people and Jennifer Barber and Dolly Hearn with their giving spirits would have made and indeed did make themselves prime targets for such people.


It is a waste of time to wonder "How could he do this?".  He was a psychopath and that is why he did it.  He loves nobody.  If you read Dr Robert D. Hare's excellent and easy to read book "Without Conscience the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us" you will see the true meaning of the term 'psychopath'.


Although I have rambled on about him if only to make my point in how pointless he is I think this site and it's admirers should forget the how and why and focus on what a spectacular person Jennifer Barber Corbin was.  She obviously had a beautiful giving and kind spirit so often lacking in this world and is an example of the kind of people this world needs more of.  I wish I'd have been her friend.


Best wishes to her family her children and her friends who I envy for having known someone of such pure and beautiful spirit.

Happy Birthday in Heaven today  / Angie Randolph (None)  Read >>
Happy Birthday in Heaven today  / Angie Randolph (None)
I never had the chance to know youbut I pray for you and your family everyday.Happy Birthday in heaven-as you continue shining down on your family and friends.Mei you finally have the peace you weren't able to have here on earth.Your tragic death was not in vainfor it has opened the eyes of many of usmyself included about domestic violence.It is because of you that I found the strength and courage to change my life. Close
A beautiful & brave soul  / Jennifer Long (None)  Read >>
A beautiful & brave soul  / Jennifer Long (None)
My name is Jennifer.. I have just read about Jenn & I am sadened that such a beautiful person can be gone. I do believe though that God is great and he doesn't take people away to hurt us..I believe he has a beautiful plan for all of us and no matter how hard & awful life can is he that will show us an eternal life forever with all of the ones we love & miss! I read this book and in reading it saw alot of myself in Jenn My heart goes out to all who love & miss her you will be with her again in the kingdom of Heaven! I never knew you Jenn but I know of you from reading about how brave you were.. and I miss you! Close
hi / Laurie K. (none)  Read >>
hi / Laurie K. (none)
Hi my name is Laurie and I'm a young woman;I had seen the movie based on the tragedy of Jen and it touched me!! We actually share the same birthday! I just wanted to say sorry for your lost and may God bless her boys and your family! ! Close
Didn't Know You  / Anna Ellis (none)  Read >>
Didn't Know You  / Anna Ellis (none)
I didn't know you in person but reading Ann Rule's book about you made me feel as if I did. What a great mother you were! You always put your children first; what a loss they have experienced. But I know Heather and Doug and the rest of the family are making sure your boys grow up knowing how much you loved them. What a hole you left in the world. We will all miss you. Close
Teacher / Mary Rose Green (none)  Read >>
Teacher / Mary Rose Green (none)

I will never understand how someone could go for so long without feeling  sadness for the loss of two lives that he took(maybe even four).  Has Bart ever expressed remorse? Has he ever apologized or tried to contact the families to explain why he did what he did?  For fourteen years after Dolly Hearn perished Bart went on to live a fairly full life but maybe his anger outbursts at home and in his office were a sign that he was cracking at the seams all along?    I hugged my girls a little longer and spent a lot of time loving them as I read about the horrible fate these two woman faced.  I was so sad for Jenn's boys and family and I was so sad for Dolly's family.  I can only imagine the grief that must come and go now that the crime has been solved and the emptiness remains.  As I read the book and pondered what life must be like now for the two families who lost their precious daughters to an evil man  I wondered what could have been for everyone involved had this not happened.  As I read Ann Rule's book a question kept popping up in my head:  was it mental illness that caused Bart to kill or was it just pure selfishness? I just can't imagine what drives someone to take the life of an another person.   Now he sits rotting in prison for two heinous crimes that he admitted to...when he could have been enjoying a regular life with his family. I pray for everyone involved and especially for Jenn's two boys.  The boys are so fortunate to have an Aunt and Uncle who are all about love and family.  They are safe and warm and not afraid  of their dad (for the most part).  Mei God always be with you.

An Angel in Heaven  / Don Boulay (None)  Read >>
An Angel in Heaven  / Don Boulay (None)
I just finished watching the movie "Too Late to Say Goodbye" and I was truly saddened by this senseless tragedy.  I was so moved by the events that immediately after the movie I did a google search and came across this tribute.  I did not know Jennifer but I would like to express my humble and sincere sympathies.  Every once in a while you come across something that makes you stop in your tracks and appreciate our precious life.  This was one of those moments for me.  Mei her spirit run freely amongst all of the angels in heaven.  DonB Ottawa Ontario Canada. Close
God bless Jennifer in heaven above  / Lisa Semper (None)  Read >>
God bless Jennifer in heaven above  / Lisa Semper (None)

I am a fan of True Crime Novels After reading "Too late to say goodbye" by Ann Rule. I felt so sorry for Jenn that she didnt leave Bart sooner. My heart goes out to her son Dalton who had to see & discover her body. And also to her sister and mom who knew deep down inside this man was a monster a jerk. We can all say after the fact what we should of did or should of said to Jenn to get her to leave but its all irrelevant now. I would also like to say thank you to Narda Barber for letting us into your private lives and telling the story of your daughter and what a wonderful person she was. While reading the book I came to like Jenn so much as though I wished I knew her. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to escape a violent relationship so I can identify with your daughter. And I just wish I was her friend so I could of pushed her harder to leave.

God Bless you all Mei the memory's you have of Jennifer make you not sad but smile when you think of the good times and live in your hearts forever.

Lisa S. of Boston Mass.  


To Heather Doug Dalton Dillon and all your family  / Anne-Marie Murphy (none)  Read >>
To Heather Doug Dalton Dillon and all your family  / Anne-Marie Murphy (none)
I have just finished reading Ann Rules book about Jenn - I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your familys and her two sons loss.  You appear to be such a strong united family and one which I have no doubt Jenn is so very proud of.  Warmest regards Anne-Marie from Dublin Ireland Close
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