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So sorry to hear of your heartbreaking loss  / Carina   Read >>
So sorry to hear of your heartbreaking loss  / Carina
I feel as though everyone is saying this but I have just finished Ann Rule's book "Too Late To Say Goodbye" and wanted to give you my deapest condolences to you and your family. I have read many books by Ann Rule but for some reason I felt a bigger connection with the one of Jenn. My heart aches with yours and sadly even though it won't bring her back it is a little comforting to know that he has been held accountable and cannot have the chance to do this to anyone else. My thoughts and prayers are with you your family and Jenn's two beautiful boys. Mei you have peace knowing you will be reunited with her again. God Bless ~ Carina Close
Im so gob smacked!  / Zoe Pacino (None)  Read >>
Im so gob smacked!  / Zoe Pacino (None)

Dear Heather and family

I have ust read the book from Ann Rule about what occured and i know you have heard a lot of im sorry for your lossand i also am truly sorryi do believe in what comes around goes around!Stay strong and i hope the 2 boys are coming along wonderfully with you and your husbands and familys love and warmth I am in Perth Western Australia and if you ever need anything ie; souviners or if you are ever in this part of the world i would be more than happy to  show you around our wonderful country. Your familys warmth and endurance could teach so many people a lot of things im thinking of you all and may Jenn be in peace


Zoe xoxoxo

Just found the site...  / Deborah Gayle (fellow human being )  Read >>
Just found the site...  / Deborah Gayle (fellow human being )
Hi - I am Deborah from Florida
and I want to say something to You tonight.

Where are the words right now from Me
 they are stuck in My heart - I am in shock?!

I am hugging Each of You - family - friends.

Tonight I was surfing and learned of Jenn
and each of You - of Your site here for her and hers.

I never met any of You before now - yet
I am a part of You - each one. It will always
hurt Me - what has happened - I am finding
comfort in Your strength and the fact that You have
one another.  What special love and support here!

Thank You for being here and please know
that I am so very proud of You - beyond words.

From My Heart - To Each Of You - Love Deborah in Florida Close
I'm sorry for your loss  / Pam H. (Not Related just concerned )  Read >>
I'm sorry for your loss  / Pam H. (Not Related just concerned )
I want you to know that I have read the book by Anne Rule and I am really sorry for what you and your family have to go through.  Nobody deserves that.  No family deserves it and no child should have to be raised without their mother.  It saddens me to know that people can be so heartless.  There is a lot of crazy in this great big world and I'm sorry that your family had to find out exactly how crazy people can be.   I wish you all the best and the boys too.  Keep her memory alive with those boys always let them know what a wonderful mother she was Close
Such a loss  / Quita Furr (read the book )  Read >>
Such a loss  / Quita Furr (read the book )

Although I never knew Jenn or your family, after reading Ann Rule's book Too Late To Say Goodbye, I feel as if I did in fact know you. I believe Jenn is looking down on you and is so proud of you and Doug raising the boys. She will live forever in the love that your family shares. My prayers and thoughts are with you. As the mother of 2 boys, I can't imagine being taken away so quickly and know that my sisters would do as you have done, as I would for them. You are an angel on earth as Jenn is now an angel in Heaven.

Many hugs,


What a loss...  / Kelly Y. ("Too Late to Say Goodbye" )  Read >>
What a loss...  / Kelly Y. ("Too Late to Say Goodbye" )
I just finished Ann Rule's book, and read it in less than 3 days.  I knew how it would end, but it doesn't make it any less heart breaking to think of.  I have a very close relationship to my sister and her three children.  If anything ever happened to her, I would do exactly as you have done.  There is a bond between sisters that cant' be broken.  I know that Jenn will forever be your guardian angel.  Please cherish the years that you had with her...and know that she watches over you daily.  My deepest condolences go out to you and all of your family.  Close
Admiration / Dot Herndon (none)  Read >>
Admiration / Dot Herndon (none)
I just finished reading the book and I am amazed that Jennifer was able to go as long as she did to try and keep her family intact.  She put up with more than most people would have. The love that she had for her boys is wonderful (it's too bad their dad didn't have that same love).  I pray for her boys and her family that they have found some peace in their lives as they continue on.  Don't let the evilness of Brad win. Close
Never knew her...  / Jessica   Read >>
Never knew her...  / Jessica

Although I never knew Jen, my heart was touched reading the horrific events your families underwent. I read Ann Rule's book "Too Late to Say Goodbye". I know there is nothing I can say that would ease any of the pain your family endured then and now. But I must say that it was amazing to read that you took Dalton and Dillon in as your own. Knowing that they are with a family who loves and treasures them dearly made me smile. I hope those boys are doing well and staying strong.  I can't even imagine the scars that were left on those little boys emotionally.  My thoughts and prayers are certainly with you and your family.

I pray that you are still staying strong and know that your sister is so proud of you for all you have done for her.  This story, more than other crime stories I have read or watched on tv seemed to "reach out" to me more than I could have ever imagined.  I don't know why that may be, but I just knew I had to send you a message letting you know this story has impacted me as I am sure it has so many others.  I know Jen loved butterflies and I know that when I see one I will think of her.  She is free now from something that should never have been able to treat friends, family or loved ones the way he did.

I wish your family all the happiness in the world and will keep you in my prayers.




Ann Rules Book  / Lorna Graham   Read >>
Ann Rules Book  / Lorna Graham
I live in scotland & i have just finished reading ann rules book, To Late To Say Goodbye. I am sincerely sorry that your sister/daughter was taken from you all. She sounded like a beautiful person. Iwas in a possesive & violent relationship a few years ago, luckily i got away. I cant stop thinking about your sister and her 2 boys. You're sisters story has really touched my heart and i will always spare a thought for your family especially Dalton & Dillon. They are so lucky to hav a loving family like you all around them, bringing them up just like there mum would hav wanted.

Best Wishes

Lorna Close
I am so sorry  / Nancy Hess (none)  Read >>
I am so sorry  / Nancy Hess (none)
To Jennifers Family, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, sister, mother. I have read the book about her murder and I am so sad. I am happy that her two precious boys have her family to help them become the kind of men Jenn would have wanted them to be. I am also sorry that some people feel the need to post such hurtful things. Sincerely Close
Condolences / Donna Halliburton (None)  Read >>
Condolences / Donna Halliburton (None)
To all of Jennifer's family and many friends I offer my most heartfelt condolences. I know this is late in coming, but I (like others) recently read a book about Jennifer's murder. It is obvious that she was (and is) a much loved person. To have so many who love her is a testament to her being a wonderful, loving, caring person who has left the world a little darker by her absence in it. My prayers go out to Jennifer's family and friends. Even those of us who never knew her will miss her and be deeply sorry for the incalculable wrong that was done to her...both by her murder and by those who wish to chime in with poorly thought-out and ignorant remarks. Close
Sisters / Kim Lorton (admirer)  Read >>
Sisters / Kim Lorton (admirer)

Sisters by Kim Lorton 2009

I read the book they wrote,too late, too late

and felt the bonds of sisters,  bend but never break.

Flesh and blood we are, and forever we will be

my love for you, and yours for me, gave comfort to let me, be me.       

 as my spirit blows and whispers on the wind, touching soft caring cheeks, and the firmer ones of my boys, as they grow under your loving care.

Your touch. Sometimes  I feel as if I will burst with love, as you touch them, I sometimes put my hand over yours and reinforce the love you give them.

And I am awash in the Glory that is God, and that He, Gave me, you to be my sister.  

You may think at times that it can be tough, but their fears are calmed, by your belief in God, in me,

in the power of love. And just as strong as sisters

can be together, so two brothers be also.

You will show them that,and both brothers and friends they will be, for a lifetime.

So, Sister to sister, brother to brother

Love makes this possible, and while you cannot see me , except in your dreams, I am always there.

Because you, are My Sister, Forever.

I will never be able to Understand why  / Stacy Pattie   Read >>
I will never be able to Understand why  / Stacy Pattie

I have only just read Anne Rules book on Jen and Dolly's heartbreaking stories, although it's been 4 long years for all involved. I laid in bed last night and just stared blankly at the ceiling for hours with the deepest sadness, trying to comprehend why, why, why, but that is an answer that lies only in the minds of those who commit these horrendous crime. Look at him now, may he suffer a million times over for what he has done, what a selfish,coward. My sympathies go out to all the families and people connected with this crime. May the future years become easier for you all, as the tears for you great loss, eventually turn to smiles and laughter when the wonderful memories that you all shared continue to fill your thoughts and visions, they will be what gets you through everyday now and always. Jen and Dolly will be forever young.  Love from Oz.   

To Late To Say Goodbye  / Fiona Peacock   Read >>
To Late To Say Goodbye  / Fiona Peacock

I too have just read Ann Rule's book about this terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to Jenn, Dolly and their extended famiies. I was relieved to read Bart Corbin was eventually held accountable for stealing these two lovely women from their families, particularly Dalton and Dillon. I have a 9 yo boy and I found it very hard to imagine someone around his age being thrown into such a horrendous situation, particularly being left to find his mum. What a heartless man is Bart Corbin!

I compliment all the officers and prosecutors who worked very hard to obtain a conviction for both cases as without their diligence, Bart Corbin may have again slipped through the net.

I can be compassionate however in this case, may Bart Corbin rot in hell, or suffer considerable unpleasantness whilst incarcerated and live a life of misery as he created for so many others!

My hope is through Max & Narda's and Heather & Doug's amazing committment to family, all affected will have some semblance of normality some time in their lifetimes.

Too Late to Say Goodbye  / Michael Corcoran   Read >>
Too Late to Say Goodbye  / Michael Corcoran
I just finished "To Late to Say Goodbye" by Anne Rule and just wanted to express my deepest sympathy to your family.  There's no way I can understand the pain you have gone through.  My prayers are with you and your wonderful sister and her two beautiful children. Close
My thoughts and prayers  / Amber Pool (none-read book )  Read >>
My thoughts and prayers  / Amber Pool (none-read book )
I just read the book Too Late To Say Goodbye and even though it has been almost four years I know that when you lose somebody that close the pain never goes away. My thoughts and prayers are with you as the four year reminder and holidays come near. Close
Very Sad  / LeighAnn Hall (none)  Read >>
Very Sad  / LeighAnn Hall (none)
Just read the book what a sad situation she seem to be such a wonderful person Close
Condolances / PAT KNEELAND (NONE)  Read >>
Condolances / PAT KNEELAND (NONE)
I have just finished reading Ann Rule's book, Too Late To Say Goodbye about Jennifer Corbin's murder.  I couldn't help but feel very sad that this fine young wife and mother ended up so tragically as did Dolly Hearn.  It is my hope that the families of these young women have found peace in their lives.  I truly feel that Bart Corbin will eventually have to answer to a higher authority for his crimes.  Please extend my warmest wishes to the family.  Close
trying to give my support  / Colby Lushbaugh (I just read a book )  Read >>
trying to give my support  / Colby Lushbaugh (I just read a book )
Jenn, Im so sorry this had to happen. may god keep you and your family in good spirts. my prayers go out to you and your family and the two boys. I will pray for your family ever night.  Colby Lushbaugh Close
Thinking of you Jen  / Kathie Smith (none)  Read >>
Thinking of you Jen  / Kathie Smith (none)

To the family of Jennifer...we have never met but I think of Jen every time I fix her squash soup. Everyone raves about it and I tell the crowd of what a wonderful person she had to have sorry for your loss but she is remembered up in Albany, New York.


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