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Prayers / Marica Zavala   Read >>
Prayers / Marica Zavala
I live in SE Georgia and I remember hearing the news of what happened to both Jennifer and Dolly.  I was recently given Ann Rule's book and am thankful for getting the chance to read about these two incredible women.  My prayers are with you all. Close
I'm so sorry...  / Cindy Z.   Read >>
I'm so sorry...  / Cindy Z.

I'm truly sad for Jenni, her family and mostly her boys!!!, I'm reading Ann Rule's book and have no words to expresse the sadness that this had caused me even though I didn't know her...

Hope you find the peace you need in God.

Jenn's in God's Good Hands  / Mobie   Read >>
Jenn's in God's Good Hands  / Mobie
We (humans) may never fully understand why certain things happen the way they do, but God knows the best. I want to pay my respect to the Barber and the Hearn families for your losses after reading Ann Rule's book (where I learned about the cases). Please take heart and know that God's the only ONE who can give us the answer to the question: "why" because no human can satisfactorily answer that. You're in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you!!! Close
My sincerest condolences...  / Alison Hunt (none)  Read >>
My sincerest condolences...  / Alison Hunt (none)
I too have just finished reading the book by Ann Rule.  It is unthinkable that human beings do these kind of things to each other.  I was born in 1969 and have a nine year old.  I can only imagine what her boys are feeling.  My heart has been with them since I read about those sweet little ones.  I hope it helps the family to know (Heather, Doug, Max Narna and boys..) that when anyone reads about this...I felt so much sympathy and I wish I could make those boys get through this easier.  I can't imagine what my son would feel like if he lost me.  My caring thoughts are with you all.   Close
Condolences / Lisa Bongiorno (none)  Read >>
Condolences / Lisa Bongiorno (none)
I just finished reading Ann Rule's book and it left me with a lump in my throat for both women who were young and beautiful both inside and out.  I also visited Dolly's website and I want you to know that I am writing to the parole board as a concerned citizen to deny Bart Corbin's parole.  People like him do not deserve another chance because he will do it again.  I am so sorry for your loss Close
What a beautiful life.  / Brandy Bogan (none)  Read >>
What a beautiful life.  / Brandy Bogan (none)
I just finished reading "too late to say goodbye" by my favrite author Ann Rule and I have to say that this story about your sister brought more tears to my eyes than any of her other work. your little nephews had to go through some pretty tramatic stuff in their short lives and  that beautiful sister of yours, well all I can say is bless her heart. she was an amazing mother and sister and daughter it seems by reading the book. Bart Corbin should have been put through the same type of punishment in which he inflicted upon Jenn. God bless your soul Jennifer. By the way Jenn, your squash soup is wonderful. thanks for adding the recipe in the book. Keep those handsome little boys safe always and forever, Heather. God Bless you and the family. Keep her spirit alive within the boys.
For her...  / Jennifer Dixon   Read >>
For her...  / Jennifer Dixon
Heather, you are truly an amazing woman.  Jennifer is smiling down on you, thanking you for all you have done for her, her memory and most importantly her boys. Close
my condolences  / Andrea (none)  Read >>
my condolences  / Andrea (none)

I have just completed Ann Rule's book about the crime.  I wish to offer Jennifer's family and friends my condolences. 



Paying my respect  / Torvid Høiland   Read >>
Paying my respect  / Torvid Høiland

I have just read Ann Rule's book about the murder of Jennifer.

I never knew Jennifer, of course, but I wanted to pay my respect.


Torvid Høiland, Norway

my condolences to you all  / Sol Ram (none)  Read >>
my condolences to you all  / Sol Ram (none)

I, like others, have read the book, written by Ann Rule. I can never imagine the pain you and your family have gone thru, and are still experiencing.

 I am grateful to Ann Rule, as I'm sure you are, that she wrote this book about a wonderful person. It makes me really sad to think that your sister would have been my same age. When I look at my kids I think about her boys growing up without her, but at least they have a wonderful aunt and grandparents to remind them and to tell them about what a wonderful person their mom was. I am a nurse, who also seriously considers being a teacher. I have had several abusive partners in my life and am still feel afraid to go to certain places, leave my name for anyone to see, or my child's name. I still feel like I am trapped, even though I got away. I only wish that your sister had gotten away. At least,  he didn't get away. For every woman out there who lives in fear and isn't really free, I'm so sorry.

For Jenn's family  / Lori Brecheen   Read >>
For Jenn's family  / Lori Brecheen

I am reading Too Late to Say Goodbye by Ann Rule right now, and my heart goes out to you all, especially Dalton and Dillon.  Their mommie was stolen from them and it breaks my heart that she will not be able to see them grow up into the men that she was molding them to be.  But I know that you, Heather and Doug, are continuing to raise them to be wonderful men. 

Thank you all so much for allowing her story to be told along with Dolly's, and for creating this website to share such personal things about your family.

Out of all the tradegy in this, it is comforting to know that some justice was served, although I think that Barton got off pretty easy.  However, that is not for me to decide, and one day, he will face God to account for what he did.  I will not make this about him though.

Jenn seemed like a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, friend, and I know you all were blessed to have her in your lives.  I am sure that you see a lot of her in Dalton and Dillon.

God Bless you all,



God Bless you & your families  / Georgia Kay Langdon (reader)  Read >>
God Bless you & your families  / Georgia Kay Langdon (reader)

I am in the process of finishing Ann Rule's book "Too late to say goodbye" I love to read about true crime but this story is very sad about how scared Jenn & Dolly was of this person.

I had a horrible time w/my ex after I left him. He had tried to start the house on fire while me & my 2 dogs was in it. It was very scarey. I know what she had to go through.

My heart goes out to the both of sets of families. I hope the boys can recover from all this. I know it will take some time but it is very sad that they have to grow knowing their dad is the one responsible for taking their mother away!!!!

Best of luck to you & your families.

Heather keep up the great work of taking care of those boys. Jenn would be so proud of you & sure she is looking down on all of you & smiling cause of the great work you are doing w/them!!!

God Bless you, Georgia Kay Martinsville, IN

My prayers are with you.....  / Kristen Kennedy (reader of "Too late to say goodbye" )  Read >>
My prayers are with you.....  / Kristen Kennedy (reader of "Too late to say goodbye" )
My prayers are with you and everyone that has ever know Jennifer.  After reading the novel:  "Too late to say goodbye,"  my heart sank at the thought of the man that tore a wonderful family apart and took the life of a beautiful young woman.  Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  May God bless you and your family.  Best wishes.  Close
I'm So Very Sorry  / Audrey Okaneko   Read >>
I'm So Very Sorry  / Audrey Okaneko
I just finished the book today. My prayers are with you and those two little boys. My most heartfelt condolences. Close
I offer my sympathy to the family of Jenn  / Cody Edwards (None (reader of "Too Late to Say Goodbye" )  Read >>
I offer my sympathy to the family of Jenn  / Cody Edwards (None (reader of "Too Late to Say Goodbye" )
I am an avid reader of "Too Late to Say Goodbye", and after seeing the pain that you all have been through because of what happened...I offer my sympathies. I hope that things are improving, and will continue to improve. I have never been fortunate enough to meet Jenn, but from what I've read...I think I can say she'd be proud of how far you've all come from that day. Close
thinking of Jenn  / Lori Soper (reading the book )  Read >>
thinking of Jenn  / Lori Soper (reading the book )

Hello, I am reading the book by Ann Rule and just had to write to say how much Jenn's story has touched me.  I cannot imagine what it is like to have my daughter, sister, friend murdered....I cannot imagine having to live with the terrible loss and feelings that you all must have.  I just wanted you to know that I have talked to my teenage daughter about when she dates and the signs to look for in a obsessing and/or abusive relationship.  I feel confident that she would get out of something like that but one never knows for I am having her read the book when I finish it.  Also, I wanted you to know that I have talked to my 13 yr old son also about relationships and some day when he has a girlfriend how to treat her etc.etc.  I know it might sound crazy because he is only 13 and never has even had a girfriend but I think that boys need to be taught how to deal with lifes situations just as much as girls need to be able to handle these situations too..  Just a few days ago a young Mom was murdered by her husband right down the street from us, it's kind of eery because I have been reading about Jenn and then this happens.  He apparently shot her 12 times and they also had two young children....It is so horrible and sad that these things happen and that people have to kill people when things don't go their way....I just don't understand it and never will.  But, I wanted you to know that Jenn will be remembered and I don't know why but her story really has touched me in a way I can't explain.  I will always remember her, God Bless Jenn and all of her loving family, especially her children.

what a shining light  / Heather Franks (reader of "Too Late to Say Goodbye" )  Read >>
what a shining light  / Heather Franks (reader of "Too Late to Say Goodbye" )
I've been a compulsive reader of Ann Rule's books for years now, but none have stuck with me as much as "Too Late to Say Goodbye." I feel as if I carry Jenn and Dolly with me as I go about my day. In particular I feel a close connection with Jenn. As a tall woman (and former bass player) myself, I instinctively share a kinship with other tall women, who know the hassles of shopping for pants long enough, shoes big enough, clothes that fit through the shoulders and tops long enough in the waist. It's a small thing, but it's such a daily struggle. More than that, I spent 3 yrs in a relationship with a man who turned out to be diagnosed as bipolar, and who was given to explosive rages and constant emotional abuse. I'm 1 year out of the relationship, and I still struggle daily with the challenge to rebuild myself and my life. I can't imagine what a challenge it would be with 2 children and to be financially dependent upon him as well. I work at the same company with him, and it's a constant reminder of how much I let someone destroy my self esteem and how little I valued myself. When I read the book, I really saw myself in Jenn, in her struggle to free herself, in the constant excuses she made for Bart, always apologizing, always excusing. I realized how truly lucky I am to have gotten free when I did, and how close I could have come to danger. I will never forget Jenn and will think of her often. Please take comfort that many, many people have been touched by her life. Close
As an avid reader ....  / John Campbell (none)  Read >>
As an avid reader ....  / John Campbell (none)

... of Ann Rule's meticulously researched and compassionately written books I have often been moved to tears at the loss of innocent lives but I can truly say none has moved me more than the story of Jennifer. A beautiful and vibrant person, loved by all and full of goodness, her life ended by a cruel and evil man.

We all lose people we love but not always in such tragic circumstances.  I myself lost a 6 year old niece when her illness was misdiagnosed and she died as a result. The pain in such circumstances is near to unbearable but I always console myself - and I hope Jenn's loving family will too - with the fact that she lives on in my memory and will do so until I draw my last breath.

Sincere condolences to all of Jennifer's family and much love to her little boys whom I know are now in a loving, caring family.


Jennifer's spirit!  / Angela Turner   Read >>
Jennifer's spirit!  / Angela Turner

I have read many comments about reading the book by Ann Rule "Too late to say Goodbye" Like so many after reading of the tradegy stricted upon these two loving, caring and trusting young women, I have been deeply affected. Such a young mother to be taken from her two young boys that she obviously loved dearly! May Jenn's spririt live forever! My heart goes out to the family and may god bless you....

So very sorry....  / Carol Wells   Read >>
So very sorry....  / Carol Wells
I just finished ready Ann Rules book about your family and your sister about 10 minutes ago.   It is truly sad.  I am glad that he is in prison, but I am so sad that 3 whole families have been devastated by one dead-hearted persons actions.  I hope that he gets what he deserves.  I am just glad that your family is there for the boys, they are surrounded by love....... and with out that cancer to torment their little lives. Close
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